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Push sheet: An entire unit of stamps as printed. Stamps tend to be printed in significant sheets and therefore are separated into two or more panes prior to shipment to post offices.

Gutter: The selvage separating panes with a sheet of stamps. The gutter is normally discarded during processing. The gutter may very well be unprinted, or bear plate quantities, accounting or Management numbers, promoting or other words or markings.

Keytype: A fundamental stamp style and design used for the issues of two or maybe more postal entities, usually differing within the place title and inscription of price. Many of the earlier colonial issues of Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Portugal are keytypes.

Total: An intact bit of postal stationery, in contrast to a cutout on the imprinted stamp. This expression is sometimes used in reference to an intact include or folded letter.

Glassine: A skinny, semitransparent paper that may be moderately resistant to the passage of air and humidity. Envelopes fabricated from glassine are commonly useful for momentary stamp storage. Glassine is additionally Employed in the manufacture of stamp hinges.

"PhotoStamps enables you to convert digital shots out of your excursion into Formal U.S. postage, which you can then use to mail out your postcards."

Specimen: “Stamp or stationery product distributed to Universal Postal Union members for identification functions and also to the philatelic push and trade for publicity needs. Specimens are overprinted or punched Along with the term “”SPECIMEN” or its equivalent, or are overprinted or punched in a means to make them various through the issued stamps.

Free of charge franking is normally limited to soldiers’ mail or chosen government correspondence. Postage stamp and postage meter stamps are modern-day methods of franking a letter.

Arrival postmark: An inked impact put on mail by getting office to indicate identify of Place of work and arrival day, generally used on back of correspondence. Often known as a “backstamp”

Expertization: The evaluation of a stamp or protect by an acknowledged qualified to ascertain whether it is authentic. As normal process, an expert or expertizing system difficulties a signed certification, typically with the connected photograph, attesting into the product’s standing.

Vignette: The central Section of a stamp design, normally surrounded by a border. Occasionally the vignette shades off progressively into your encompassing space.

Stamp: An formally issued postage label, frequently adhesive, attesting that payment is rendered for mail supply. In the beginning utilized being a verb, meaning to imprint or impress; as in, to stamp a layout.

Numerous nations around the world have issued postage stamps and different postal stationery precisely specified for airmail use. The first airmail stamp was issued by Italy in 1917.

Shade: The minimal variation normally present in website any fundamental color. Shades may be accorded catalog status when they're incredibly exclusive.

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